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Sunday, December 8th, 2:00 pm: Sunday Celebration Service with Rev. Christine Jeffers, "Science of Mind and the Solstice", Special Music by Alan Rigg, last day for Skyway House Christmas Elf Project

posted Aug 8, 2019, 12:39 PM by Julie Cooke   [ updated Dec 5, 2019, 12:23 PM ]
To begin the December holiday season, please join us at 2:00 pm on Sunday, December 8th, at CSL Chico for a wonderful celebration service at 14 Hillary Lane. Rev. Christine Jeffers' talk will be about "Science of Mind and the Solstice"

"It is in this moment of time that we are to make the great decision. It is on this day in which we now are living that we must choose what path we are to follow. Shall we live in fear or in faith? Shall we live in confusion, or in the peace that comes from a deep and abiding conviction that there is a power greater than we are, ready, willing, and able to work for us and through us." Ernest Holmes Speaks

Special music by Alan Rigg.

And, mark your calendars for our December 22nd celebration where Rev. Christine will explore "Science of Mind and Christmas."

Here are the details on the Skyway House Christmas Elf Project. Please follow the instructions below:

Hello fellow Elves! In the list below, you'll find a list of the items that we included in previous Christmas Elf Boxes to the residents of Skyway House. We will fill 20 boxes and if there are fewer residents Christmas week, we can give the extras to Andy for new clients. You can choose as many items as you wish. You can choose a few of several items or several of one item or however it works best for you! Every single donation is important and last time we had such a wonderful outpouring that we know we will fill all the gift packages. A sign up sheet will be available when we meet on Sundays. Please send me an e-mail or call to let me know what you would like to donate. My information at the end!

We will have some cartons in the kitchen at the Chico Spiritual Center on the days we meet for our Service (Nov. 24 and Dec. 8). You can drop off items then. Also, after Dec. 4th, you can drop items at our house and put them in the garage. Our left side gate and our side garage door will be unlocked during the day. Put them on the washer or dryer or near there.

We'd like to have all the items by December 18th. That gives us a couple of days to inventory and box the items in plenty of time before Christmas. Then we will have an Elf Wrapping Party to wrap the boxes and get them ready to put under the tree at Skyway House before Christmas. If you wish to donate wrapping paper, tape, bows or ribbons for the wrapping party, those items would also be appreciated.

If you are giving multiple items (like toothpastes or chewing gum) please put them in plastic bags and tie the bags so we can easily store all of the donations together in the large cartons. That will make it easier when we fill the boxes.

We had cookies and candy donated last time. We took all those items, divided them up evenly and put them in small plastic bags, then tied each little bag with Christmas ribbon. That gave the residents a nice little sweet snack to have for Christmas Day in their Elf gift box. We took all the cookies and candies and made the treat bags the day we filled the boxes.

If you should have an idea for something on the list that you think would be useful that was missed last timer, you can get in touch with me and we can see if there will be room.

Kathy Sweet 256-603-4993 kathylsweet@gmail.com
812 Brookwood Way, Chico

Item suggestions:

Writing paper
Small flashlights
Small plastic boxes to keep items in
Pens & Pencils
Address books
Journal or notebook

Decks of cards
Word Search books / Sudoku

Clothing and accessories
Warm Hat
Warm neck scarf

Personal care items
Cough drops / Lozenges' / Hand sanitizers
Body Wash
Hand Lotion / Gold Bond body lotion
Small Kleenex packages
Toothbrushes /floss /toothpaste

Chewing gum!

Inspirational quotes in small frames
Inspirational quote books

Candy Bars
Power Protein bars

Nice to have
Small plush animal
Warm lap robe or small quilt

Our sincere gratitude to Kathy and John Sweet for organizing this holiday giving project, once again.