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A Message from Rev. Christine: Sunday Celebration Services on Zoom Until Further Notice!

posted Aug 8, 2019, 12:39 PM by Julie Cooke   [ updated Mar 27, 2020, 1:25 PM ]

A Message from Rev. Christine Jeffers and the Board of Trustees

Dear Beloved Community,

The Center's board members and I continue to be in discussion regarding what is ours to do regarding the rapidly changing spread of the COVID-19, and the ways available to us to practice the Science of Mind principles of Oneness and Love that affect the greater good.

For many good reasons and given the fact that the President has declared a National Emergency we have decided to cancel our Sunday Services and meetings at the Lotus Guide through the end of March. I will continue to communicate with you through this newsletter, Facebook, and by phone the ways that inspiration and affirmative prayer will be offered each week. Thank God for social media!

As a first step, I plan to make my Facebook Live debut tomorrow morning, March 15th, at 10 AM. This will be a first for me. It may be nerve-wracking but exciting to have you join in. I will speak to you and pray with you tomorrow morning on the Paradise CSL Facebook page. If you haven't already searched for the page and clicked on Like, do that now so that you can access this service.

Beginning Sunday, March 29th, We will meet online using Zoom (an online web chat service). Please join us 15 early on March 29th, 2020 at 10:00 AM. For free tech support on how to use Zoom! Can't wait to see everyone!

Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/171029508

Some have asked, "what can we do to help?" So glad you asked.

* Please help us to pass the word along to folks that are aware of us or normally might attend.

* Reach out by phone, text or email and tell us how we can assist you during this time. The prayer ministry is active and I'm available to listen and pray out loud with you.

* We also ask that you support your spiritual community by pledging your emotional, spiritual, and financial support through this difficult time. You will see phone numbers, *emails and the center address where you can send your donations. We will be putting into place other ways for you to make your donations and keep you up to date on what those are.

* Lastly, for now, I remind you that as you go through the day, be mindful that you have the choice to spiritualize your thoughts - both the quiet one and those that are spoken out loud with the recognition of Spirit's Love and Wholeness.
"Whatever we think, act, believe in, feel visualize, vision, image, read and talk about are going into the subjective state of our thought. Whatever goes into the subjective .... tends to return again as some condition. Therefore we, alone, control our destiny." Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind.

* Know that you are loved! The board and I will miss being with you tomorrow but through technology, we have new opportunities and adventures to create new ways to connect and create good.

In Love,
Rev. Christine
CSL Paradise, P.O. Box 785, Paradise, CA 95967

(530) 701-5929