Our Peace Pole at 789 Bille Road-"May Peace Prevail On Earth"

May Peace Prevail On Earth

Peace Poles carry the message, "May Peace Prevail On Earth", in the languages of the world. They've been installed worldwide and are now recognized as one of the most prominent international symbols and monuments dedicated to peace on earth.

This idea began with Mr. Masahisa Goi after WWII and the dropping of the atomic bombs. Mr. Goi came to understand that words, thoughts, and intentions carry enery strong enough to influence the destiny of all living beings and by speaking, acting, and living in the spirit of the prayer, May Peace Prevail On Earth, the energy field of love and harmony would radiate forth to all creation.

The placing of Peace Poles was started in 1975 in Japan as a grassroots project to spread the message of peace and has grown into an international peace movement. It is estimated that there are over 200,000 Peace Poles that have been dedicated on every continent and in almost every country in the world.

So, to honor the origins of the project, Japanese is one of the languages we have chosen to represent on our Center’s peace pole along with English, Spanish, Hebrew, Maori, Swahili, Sign Language, and leaf prints for our natural community.

Our project started as a vision with our member Peter Mele’ who thought a peace pole at our Center would be a wonderful representation of who we are and what we believe. His wife, Molly, our Board President, brought forth the idea to a board meeting and with the full blessing and support of our leadership, our Visioning Committee began to implement plans to manifest this idea. Generous benefactors brought forth their treasure and donated, in full, the funds required to complete this project. But we wanted something different than peace pole from a kit. One of our members, Jay Cooke called local artist Glen Cowan, a renowned metal artist whose diverse and creative work can be found on the Ridge, in Chico, and beyond. Glen came to our Center and sat down with us, listened to our vision and created this stunning custom peace pole that now graces the front of our Center. It is crafted from metal and wood, with the plaques purchased directly from the peace pole project to support their vision. The butterfly and caterpillar on top symbolizes transformation and evolution. Our peace pole is a work of love, vision, dedication, and creativity from implementation to completion. At this time I would like to recognize and sincerely thank our artist, Glen Cowan, for crafting the magnificent peace pole that will stand proud as beacon for peace in our community for many years to come. 

After the Camp Fire destroyed our beloved Center on November 8, 2018, the only things left standing are our sign and our peace pole. It will remain in our Paradise community as a reminder to find peace in our hearts and peace in our lives wherever we are. You are welcome to visit it at 789 Bille Road.