A Healing Ministry

Our Prayer Ministry

Ernest Holmes advises those praying with, and for, others, "...we work with individuals, not as a physical body (or body of affairs), not as diseased condition, or as disease belonging to them; we do not think of the disease as being connected to them, nor a part of them.

We realize that individuals are born of Spirit and not matter. Spirit is Changeless, Perfect and Complete. We REALIZE this until we see those we work with as a living embodiment of Perfection..." Just as the projection on a movie screen is not you, even though you are experiencing it; so to, you are not those things you desire to transcend in your life. They are appearances, not definition.

Our Licensed Practitioner Team and Prayer Partners, your Healing Ministry, are here to remember and declare who you REALLY ARE-Infinite, Eternal, a Divine Child of the Universe, the incarnation of Creation-in-action. Have you forgotten? Let us help you remember; and thus, heal.

Our Licensed Practitioners:

Rev. Andy Torkelson

My practitioner work was done under Rev. Dr. Carolyn McKeown in Chico, CA. She gave me the lessons I needed to fine tune the principles of Science of Mind as it relates to living a spiritually guided life. The Practitioner class brought metaphysics to life for me, in a practical way. While my metaphysical education was taking shape, I was also influenced by programs I was exposed to in my job in juvenile corrections. I received training in, and implemented programs known as Breaking Barriers, Recovery Dynamics and Values Clarification.

My metaphysical education continued in the ministerial portion of Science of Mind classes. Rev. Judith encouraged me to enter into ministerial work and taught the class. I'll always be grateful for her support and wisdom. Now, as someone who is teaching our philosophy, I feel blessed to be continuing my education is this way. I love seeking out, embracing the wisdom of the ages and encouraging others to find their path and passion.

Sheila MacDonald

In 1957 I attended my first Sunday service in Religious Science in Hollywood, CA. I remember the lesson was given by Dr. Robert Bitzer, a friend of the founder of the Science of Mind movement, Ernest Holmes, and a leader of great stature in Religious Science International. When I left church that Sunday, I liked what I had heard but did not understand much of it. It was new to me but I knew it resonated within me. It was 7 years later while living in Simi Valley, CA, that I attended my second church service and it all clicked. I was ready to discover more about me and this thing called Life. I enrolled in Science of Mind I Class and began studying this great philosophy.

In 1975 I moved to Paradise, CA, discovered and joined the Paradise Church of Religious Science and began classes and practitioner training with Dr. John McKeown. I received my Practitioner license in 1983 and in 2001 was voted Practitioner of the Year by Religious Science International. Because of my extensive education in metaphysics I am a certified teacher and instruct SOM (Science of Mind) I and II classes.

Being a licensed Practitioner is a great honor and very meaningful to me. It is my commitment to give the very best of myself to those who are desiring assistance with the challenges they are facing. I know from personal experience this philosophy gives me strength, perception and new ways of viewing and entering a new adventure. I am eternally grateful for being open at the top, stepping through the door of enlightenment and reaping the blessings which continue to come into my experience. Life is good to me and good for me and I embrace each day, with an open mind and heart, all the goodness which surrounds me.

Judy Usherwood Torkelson

I have been a Practitioner for our Center, the Paradise Center for Spiritual Living, since 2003. It was a calling that I willingly took on because of my love for the philosophy that our church teaches. There is always a higher truth than what appears to be happening at the time and as a Practitioner I always go to that truth.

My first visit to our Center was in 1995. However, intuitively I have always been a metaphysician. I may not have called myself that as I studied other spiritual beliefs, but it is what resonates with my soul.

I was brought up a Catholic and did all the usual things within that belief (baptism, first communion, confirmation) and although I loved the mystical aspects of Catholicism, it left me wanting more. The "more" I found within Religious Science.

This philosophy woke me up to all the possibilities in the world. It woke me up to me as a spiritual being. It is all about choice and the power in that choice. I love being in a place where my clients know that I see the truth for them that allows them to see it for themselves. Healing takes place on all levels when that truth is revealed. We are not healers but we are lights that help point you in a direction of wholeness. Miracles are a natural occurrence.  Blessings to all.

Our Prayer Partners:

Jay Cooke

Julie Cooke

Linda Ellis

Molly Mele'