A Message from Rev. Andy

WHAT was...and WHAT will be...

For the Center for Spiritual Living, Paradise, WHAT was is nearly seven decades of prayer, meditation, classes, and the presentation of our beloved New Thought brand of metaphysical teaching. A place filled with seekers of spiritual TRUTHS, hugs, handshakes, tears, laughter, and profound insights.

WHAT was has been generous folks bringing cookies, setting up chairs, raking leaves, answering phones, paying the bills, caring for others with optimistic, beautiful faces.

WHAT was has been journeys into the interior of the soul, and to the far out reaches into the atmosphere of the Great Web of LIFE, through books, teachers, teachings, rituals, deep conversation, and healings-profoundly meaningful healings.

WHAT was...oh, how I miss you.

WHAT will be? The carrying forth of all those seeds of LOVE that have been planted for seven decades and more; so much more. What exactly will that look like? I don't know, as I navigate the expanses of the roads that lead away from the ashes of a town many of us called “home.” But I know that Spirit walks that road with all of us, and will whisper wisdoms into our consciousness when the time is aligned with Divine Right Action.

So, what lies between where we've been and where we're going? The NOW.

The NOW is a place where love and generosity have poured forth from all corners of the CSL and Unity landscape. The NOW is where neighbor is helping neighbor. The NOW is where clarity of Grace is experienced. The NOW is where we sleep in unfamiliar beds. The NOW is where tears well up announced. The NOW is where we start each day with prayer, meditation, and a familiar author. The NOW is where we feel untethered, naked, and alone but we are actually none of those experiences. The NOW is where I feel a sense of gratitude like I've never felt before.

Dear Beloveds of the Paradise CSL community and the metaphysical communities beyond our little traumatized town, what lies directly ahead of us in the days and weeks to come, I don't know.

But I do know that wisdom, clarity, and Right Action are all our birthrights.

I do know that we are not alone.

I do know that as we find our individual places to call “home”, the Center will find its “home.”

I do know that we are loved, as expressed by all those who have tithed their treasure, time, and prayers for us.


As the physical land that was Paradise heals, as the fiber of her citizens' minds and bodies heal, we of CSL, Paradise will find our way. And when we do, the CSL world will know.

Thank you all so much for your support, especially the Chico and Redding Centers.

WE LOVE YOU ALL in complete reflection of how deeply you care for us.

Stay tuned for more sharing in the future,


Rev. Andy
Spiritual Director
Center for Spiritual Living, Paradise