Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Frequently asked questions, and answers about our spiritual movement, our philosophy, and our teachings:

What is New Thought?

  • Our belief is that the power of creation is not something that lives in a museum collecting dust. It is a Power of transformation that operates through evolution. It is on display everyday manifested through us. We are the wielders of creation, constructing the direction of our daily experience through consciousness. Everyday we step into the world to live, love, work, create, explore, heal, shape, transcend, celebrate and carry forward LIFE.
Where does it all begin?
  • In Mind...God's Mind, though our Mind, and on to fruition. Simply put: Thought = manifestation (New Thought = a new experience). God has given the greatest gift, freedom. How we use that freedom, shapes the world-our world.
Do we believe in salvation?
  • The Buddha said, "...we all work out our own salvation." Jesus said, " your belief, it is done unto you." We are a "Unification" philosophy. We don't believe in a separation-from-God existence. We believe the "Kingdom of Heaven is within...". Whatever difficulties exist, within our lives; we're the ones to work out the journey of transformation.
Why do people sometimes feel lonely, depressed, lost, angry, empty or dark? Why does illness exist? Why do people do evil deeds?
  • We believe the foremost factor in evolution is "freedom". The doctrine of "freedom" is determined by the choices we make through the information we have. The information we have is best summarized by the concept of "belief". When Jesus said, " your belief it is done unto you...", we feel his observation was, "...where the mind goes, the body follows..." If one's belief is centered in "darkness", than their body of affairs will follow; if one's belief is centered in "light", than their body of affairs will follow. In the meantime, whatever experience is at play in one's life, is an opportunity for deep understanding, growth and wisdom. This wisdom is what the Buddha called "illumination"-a deeper understanding of the Divine. Sometimes "light" is best understood in contrast to "shadow".

Are we a cult?

  • No. A cult is defined as a philosophy that requires one to think a specific way, live a specific way, and abandon one's own way of being in the world. Our teaching emphasizes living one's own "unique expression of God". We aren't in the business of teaching "what" to think, but rather "how" to think. We believe God "knows Itself better" through the expression of each of us.

Are we Scientology?
  • No. We are a metaphysical philosophy, grounded in a rich "New Thought" tradition that has been distilled down through the ages, passing through, and influenced by, some of the most profound mystics the world has known such as Buddha, Lao Tzu, Jesus, Mohamed, Meister Eckhart, Emma Curtis Hopkins, the Transcendentalists, The Fillmore's of Unity and Ernest Holmes of Religious Science. We are open to, and study, metaphorically, the teachings of the east, the west, native traditions and earthen based philosophies.
Do we believe in "God's judgment"?
  • No. God is not a person. God is a Creative Energy, a First Cause, an Infinite Power, a set of Universal-Spiritual-Laws, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Ever-Present, Eternal. The only judgment that exists in our lives comes forth when we forget who we really are. There is no God, somewhere, judging us. But, the more profound question is: Do WE like where our life is going, or not? The spiritual law of cause and effect (karma) projects into our life, like a mirror, what we've projected into the world. And we can change that. "...they who live by the sword, shall die by the sword..." Change your thinking (belief), change your life.
Do we believe in eternal salvation, or eternal damnation?
  • No. We believe in evolution. Each of us, independently and collectively, are on an ever-expanding journey upward and onward to further enlightenment and understanding. No one gets left behind. Everything is worked out in eternity. If LIFE is eternal, which we believe, than it cannot be divided against itself. The point of life is not to get an amusement park ticket punched (the streets of gold), but rather to gain greater, deeper, more profound understandings of the Origin of Life, of God, and our Oneness with It.
Do we believe in Jesus as the only son of God?
  • No. We believe Jesus represents an amazing depth of spiritual understanding. He was a great teacher, a great example, someone who had a grasp of profound spiritual truth. We are all children of God. Jesus was not an exception, but rather an example.
What sacred text or tradition do we ground our teaching in?
  • A saying in New Thought is, "...we claim the Truth wherever we find it..." The world has played host to a number of great mystics. Our definition of a mystic is: "One who senses the atmosphere of God." Many times, down through history, a person will come along and speak so powerfully about spiritual matters and truths that followings have been established, scriptures have been written and traditions and religions have been formed in their name. We are interested in what a host of mystics, past and present, have to say. However, we aren't interested in taking any ideas literally, but rather metaphorically and metaphysically. We believe a deeper and more profound "truth" in any spiritual narrative is uncovered when we can take the broader "truths" and apply them to our own life-journey.
Where is God?
  • Right where you are. Are you God, in its entirety? No. Like a fish in the ocean; it is not defined "as" the ocean, but rather is surrounded by it, infused with it, lives in it, moves in it, is comforted by it and navigates its life using it. So to, is our relationship with the Infinite Source of Creation.