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We Are A Teaching Philosophy

Centers for Spiritual Living™ is a "teaching tradition".

Ernest Holmes, who distilled down, from the world's great spiritual philosophies a work called "The Science of Mind", believed that regardless of one's religious leanings, a profound and meaningful relationship with Spirit can be achieved through a deep understanding of the spiritual nature of the Universe.

Our classes are explorations of the works of past and present metaphysical and mystical teachers, thinkers, writers and leaders. They each represent a journey into the Nature of creation, evolution, transformation, healing and illumination.

The "class" setting enables those in attendance to participate in profound discussions. The Buddha observed that often the question is more important than the answer.

Indeed, our classes are designed to offer up "way-homers". What's a way-homer? It's a question or revelation that travels around with you as you drive home from class, and sometimes beyond.



Writing Your Story, Getting Started (CLASS  IS NOW FULL)

Instructor: Dr. Bob Jackson

Tuesday, September 4th-October 8th (no class September 18th)

2:00-3:30 pm

Cost: $50

Course materials will be available on Sunday, August 26th.

If you cannot afford to take the class, scholarships are available. Please see Julie Cooke-Bookkeeper, Office Administrator, Mondays & Tuesdays, 10-4:00 or Sundays after the Service.


Awakened Heart Meditation:

Get centered in the loving-kindness of Spirit by attending Molly Mele's weekly guided and silent meditation, every Friday from 10:00-11:00 a.m.

Love Offerings gratefully accepted.