Information Table & Library

Welcome to our Information Table

Oh!!! The written word –books –periodicals. We, who love spiritual exploration, seeking; love to find provocative and enlightened authors.  Now days, we’re all surrounded by literary options; e-books, great websites, mega-bookstores and all kinds of other delivery systems. Therefore, in the spirit of evolution, our bookstore has morphed into it's new incarnation-a stunningly beautiful meditation room for all to enjoy. In our Social Hall, you will find lovely bookcases of library books for anyone to borrow.  Stop by and take a look.

Judy, still runs this important corner of our Center, and knows a thing or two about books, authors, what’s interesting –just try and stump her.  She's also ready to answer any questions you may have about everything that's "happening" at CSL, Paradise!  Stop on by the Information Table in the Social Hall on Sundays and pick up some flyers...we have lots of fun and educational events you may like to attend (and share with others). 

Our Library

Paulette Jones – Librarian

Anyone may take a book home to read and enjoy.  When please return it to the basket that says:” Book Returns and Donations.”  If you have a book to donate to our collection please put it in the basket as well.

Our Library is divided into sections that are uniquely organized by our philosophy and not the Dewey decimal system.  Each section is also given a two letter code making it easy to identify.  Shelves have metal labels on them dividing the topics.  Generally each section is alphabetized by the author’s last name.

From Left to Right facing the bookshelves (our library), the sections are:

Science of Mind – (SM)

Books by Ernest Holmes

New Thought – (NT)

Emerson, Thoreau, D. Curtis, R. Barker

Unity (two Shelves) – UY)

Fillmore, Fox, J. Hollend, E.Butterworth, E. Seale

Biblical – (BL)

Bible, Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, Scholars interruptions

Reference Books – (RB)

Language of symbolism, Zen description, other religions explanations

General Topics – (GT)

Authors: Beckwith, Chopra, Dr. Phil, Tolle, Zukau, Maryanne Williamson, Louise Hay, Debbie Ford, Sylia Browne, Borysenko, Joseph Campbell and Walsch (book series)

Biography – (BY)

Mother Teresa, Edgar Cayce, Joel Goldsmith, Mary Baker Eddy,

John Wooden, Gandhi, etc.

Death and Dying – (DD)

A variety of authors with helpful ideas which offer comfort.

CD’s –  (CD)

Yoga, Mind Travel (series of two CD’s)

Health and Healing – (HH)

B. Siegel, C. Myss, A. Weil, D. Chopra, M. Baker Eddy

Addington, S. Peck, Breathmach, Redmond, Buddha

Inspiration – (IN)_

A. Arriel, J. Kornfield, Jeffers, Zukau, Kornfield, Buddha

Eastern and Other Religious Traditions – (ER)

Hindu Masters, P. Yogananda, Buddha  

If you shop at and click on the Amazon link below, our Center will benefit from your purchase.